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Monty Don shares 'secret to successful seed growing' ahead of new Gardeners’ World series


Gardening pro Monty Don showed viewers how to plant chilli seeds in a clip from the new series of Gardeners’ World. Monty, who has been the lead presenter of the show since 2003, explained how to make sure your seeds actually grow. The 65-year-old explained to viewers what compost they should use for the plants.

He said: “I’ve got a peat-free compost. This is based on coir picks, then I modify it by adding sieved leaf mould, a little bit of garden compost and grit to open it out.

“To be honest, chillies will grow in any compost mix.”

Monty said the “secret to successful seed growing” is making sure they are strong from the start.

He explained: “As far as you can, spread the seeds evenly because one of the secrets to successful seed growing is to have the seedlings grow strongly from the very beginning.

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Monty will return once again to viewers’ screens tonight for a new series of Gardeners’ World on BBC Two.

The show has seen viewers send in their own videos capturing their own gardening adventures.

Monty said on BBC Breakfast that this will continue to be an aspect within the show.

He said: “The programme is changing and evolving which is great.

“Maybe you’re getting hitched up, getting a house, having children, your work is becoming incredibly demanding or is repetitious.

“You don’t have time or energy to garden in anything other than a superficial way.

“I think that’s a real shame because that enthusiasm and that energy and that drive and also that connection to bigger issues – climate change, the environment, pollution, plastics, how we look after this planet – is coming from that generation.”

Gardeners’ World will air tonight at 9pm on BBC Two


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