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Monty Don on filming new series of Gardeners’ World 'as if it’s the last ever programme’


“And, that way it ups the anti a bit,” he continued to explain. 

“It’s fun, it’s a pleasure to do because we’re in our element, I’m gardening, I’m outside, I’m filming which I like doing, I’m sharing with other people and in the last year I’ve hardly seen anybody. 

“So it’s a pleasure to have communication with people. It’s all good.” 

“As you well know Monty,” Charlie said. “People like to know how things are made. You are obviously working with restrictions – social distancing and other things – how did it work in the garden in terms of filming and who was allowed there and all that!” 

“Hardly anybody,” Monty replied. “It’s been very, very odd because normally, for the last 18 years or however long I’ve been doing it, a crew of about seven or eight will turn up at 7.30 in the morning.

“We spend two days and it’s very much a physical team, we all know each other, some people I’ve worked with for 20 odd years or more and so it goes.


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