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Monty Don: Gardening expert shares how to grow an ‘unlimited supply of mint’


BBC Gardeners’ World presenter Monty Don is known for his extensive plant knowledge. The keen gardener, who is known for his own stunning garden, often shares tips on everything from houseplants to weeding. With spring fast approaching, many Britons are looking for ways to ease themselves into gardening.

“Ideally, if someone can give you one or if you go and buy a plant from a supermarket and then cut a couple of stems and put those into water.”

Monty showed viewers his own mint stems which he had put into a glass filled half way with water.

The gardening expert put several stems into one glass, making it even easier to grow plants.

Monty continued: “I’ve got some here.

“You just pop them into water and what you’ll see is after a few days they will start to grow roots.

“Now, these roots are very, very small at the moment but they are there and once there’s a good flush of roots you then pop them up into a little bit of compost.”

Once the roots are in compost, it should flourish into a healthy mint plant.

“That will become a healthy mint plant that will give you unlimited mint,” he added.

Monty said you can either use the mint in dishes or to make “really good tea”.

The best time to plant mint is March, April and May.

Depending on when you planted it, you can then harvest it in May, June, July, August, September and October.

During dry hot weather, it’s a good idea to give mint plants plenty of water.

Make sure to cut flowered shoots back to around two inches above the surface once they have finished flowering.


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