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Mom shares her secret to stopping her son from throwing food during meals


RAISE your hand if you like to clean up after your toddler during every meal because they simply love to throw spaghetti on the floor? No one? Right.

Well, this mom has shared her secret to stopping her son from throwing food during meals.

TikTok/Lauren Mejia

A mom revealed her hacks to stop her son from throwing food on the floor[/caption]

TikTok/Lauren Mejia

She offered to give them a second bowl[/caption]


If your toddler loves to throw food around simply because they don’t like something, give them a second bowl where they can get rid of that thing they just won’t swallow, Lauren Mejia suggested in a video.


Teach your child to give you a hand signal when they are all done eating, the mom of one recommended.

This hand signal can also be used for moments when you give them something they don’t like. Instead of them flinging a plate aside, they can wave their hand to tell you they aren’t interested.


If your child has a tendency to throw away food when you serve them too much, opt for giving them smaller portions.

Another option is to simply feed them one thing at a time and present them with more if they’re still hungry.


For kids who are old enough to sit at the table, Mejia suggested providing them with their own mini table in a designated space that they will eat from at a designated time.

This will help them get out their energy as they might choose to eat standing up and it also gives them their own space that they most likely will choose to not dirty up.

TikTok/Lauren Mejia

You can also teach them to sign if they aren’t interested in a food[/caption]

TikTok/Lauren Mejia

You can also feed them one food at a time[/caption]

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