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Modern grief: Re-reading the last text message from a dead loved one


A man whose friend had died from a heart attack while sleeping spoke about the messages the two exchanged shortly before her death. He had messaged her saying: “You know I’m here for you any time that you need me.” She replied: “Right back at you!”

One participant was in an early-morning writing class when he saw something through the window that he wanted to take a photo of.

Surrounded by his classmates, he was too embarrassed to stand up and do it. Instead, he texted his photography teacher to tell her about the situation, to which she responded: “It doesn’t matter how other people feel. Just take the shot!”

She died soon after, that having been their last interaction… one that deeply resonated with the student.

A woman who used to call her grandmother every day misses her so dearly since she passed away that she has resorted to texting her, even though she knows no one will read those messages.

As a way to express her sorrow, she sent this to the old phone number: “I wrote a speech about how amazing you are and how you made me who I am unsued. When I’m home alone I sit and cry and think about all the things that I could’ve done with you and should’ve done but I was way too selfish to spend more time with you.

“I want you here but I know that you can’t be, so just know I love you so so much, more than words can describe.”

The final text from a mother to her son read “we need to talk”. He opened it but didn’t reply on the spot. When he got back to her the next day, it was too late.

He didn’t see his mother much — she struggled with alcohol and drugs — but treasures a voicemail where she says she will be finishing school soon: “One more year, that’s it, just hold on. I love you son.”

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