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Missing your favourite ice cream? Visit Ben & Jerry’s ‘Flavour Graveyard’


Well all is not lost for fans of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavours that are no more, you actually have the opportunity to pay your respects, graveside. Yes, that is correct ‑ there is a “Flavour Graveyard” where discontinued flavours are laid to rest.

Crazy as it sounds there really is a physical graveyard full of granite headstones remembering anecdotes of past flavours.

Diehard fans can honour their past favourites and reminisce about bygone flavours.

Nicola Simmons, from Ben & Jerry’s explained the origins of the graveyard, saying: “The Flavour Graveyard started out online, when we first began a website roughly 30 years ago!

“It was a fun tie-in for Halloween and allowed us to combine fans’ love for their flavours gone by along with the spooky holiday.

“Years after the virtual effort, in 1997 we repeated the graveyard in a 3D fashion at our Waterbury Plant where fans can visit, lament, and celebrate their long, lost favourites.”

The memorial is located on the site of Ben & Jerry’s first factory which opened in 1985 in Vermont, USA.

While the brand has created several experimental and delectable flavours over the years, not all stand the test of time.

Flavour experimentation comes hand-in-hand with risk meaning the not so popular products can ultimately meet their untimely end.

The tongue-in-cheek graveyard offers ice cream lovers the opportunity to shed a tear or two in memoriam of their favourite scoops. 

However, miracles can happen from time to time as fans beg Ben & Jerry’s to “rein-cone-ate” certain flavours ‑ some really are given a second lease of life.

If you want to pay your respects from Britain, the online ‘Flavour Graveyard’ still exists.

The physical graveyard opened in 1997 and initially contained just four flavours: Dastardly Mash, Economic Crunch, Ethan Almond and Tuskegee Chunk.

Now, you’ll find around 35 flavours buried there including Wavy Gravy, Miz Jelena’s Sweet Potato Pie, Dublin Mudslide, Holy Cannoli amongst many more departees.

In fact, in 2015, the brand took it a step further by hosting an actual funeral at the graveyard for the US flavour, “What a Cluster”. The memorial attracted many mourners from miles away.

Never let it be said that ice cream isn’t a passionate subject!

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