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Missing the musky scent of bars? Miller Lite's 'Bar Smells' candles sell out in 24 hours


3. Miller Lite     • Parent company:  Molson Coors Brewing Company     • Barrels shipped in 2019:  12.4 million     • Shipment change from 2018:  -1.6%     • Market share:  6.02% The folks at Molson Coors call this "the original light beer." Well, sort of. Reduced-calorie beer was first developed in 1967 by the Rheingold Brewing Company. The once dominant brand in the New York market was bought by Miller in 1972. The company reformulated the beer and released it as Miller Lite in 1975. The brand's iconic "Tastes great! / Less filling!" TV campaign, featuring retired sports figures and other celebrities, is credited with helping popularize the beer.

Many Americans have been homebound for more than a year now due to the coronavirus pandemic. That means we’ve missed out on countless memories that could have been made in dive bars (queue The Chainsmokers’ “Closer”), crowded beer gardens or watching Sunday night football at the bar with friends.

With that in mind, Miller Lite is hoping to fill the void with its limited-edition Bar Smells candle collection, announced Tuesday.

Proceeds from the candles, priced at $20 each, will go to the United States Bartenders’ Guild, a nonprofit that supports professionals working in the American and Canadian service industries.

And it appears that Miller Lite fans are indeed missing bars – the candles, in all three scents, including Dive Bar, Beer Garden and Game Day, are sold out, according to Miller Lite’s website. “The Bar Smells burn for 50 hours. Our stock did not last that long. Bar Smells are all sold out,” the company posted.


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