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'Miracle baby' now shouts in his sleep for father who died before his first birthday


The young child’s father, Paul Cowie, was diagnosed with terminal cancer just a month before his baby son was born. The young child now shouts in his sleep for his dad who died of an extremely rare form of brain cancer. Mr Cowie died before he got to see his baby boy’s first birthday.

Despite an earlier all-clear following an 11-hour operation to remove tumours in his brain, Mr Cowie, 29, discovered his cancer had returned.

Mr Cowie’s cancer became terminal just a month before his son Carter was born.

Mr Cowie and his wife Carla had gone through four rounds of IVF before their baby boy was conceived.

However, the baby’s father died in November 2019.

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“He’s a toddler now.”

Speaking about her husband, Carla said: “It’s just horrendous.

“He was my soulmate.

“He was my everything.

“And the struggle of living without him.

“It’s just heartwrenching to think that cancer could take a young life that quick.”

Carla describes her son as having his father’s “witty and funny ways”.

She added: “I feel like I’ve got a piece of Paul growing up with me.”

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