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Millions of workers in Britain could change to four-day week after pandemic, study finds


Results from a survey conducted by the charity Be The Business show that 18 percent of organisations are considering the move as a way to increase productivity. Analysis by the Autonomy think tank also found that five percent of small and medium-sized companies have already made the change.

Director of Research at Autonomy Will Stronge said: “All the evidence shows that moving to a four-day week is a win-win for both employers and workers – and this is why we’re seeing increasing adoption across sectors.

“The best way to create a better world of work after Covid is by addressing how we work at the shop floor level.

“Going for a four-day working week would bring huge benefits to workers’ mental health, which directly feeds into firm performance.”

Microsoft and Unilever have already trialled cutting weekly working hours.

According to the Trade Union Congress, UK workers have the longest full-time working week of any European country except for Greece.

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PwC Chairman Kevin Ellis said: “We’ve long promoted flexible working, and we hope today’s announcements make it much more the norm rather than the exception.

“We want our people to feel trusted and empowered.

“These changes are in direct response to soundings from our people, who’ve said they value a mix of working from home and in the office.”

He added: “We want to help enshrine new working patterns so they outlast the pandemic.

“Without conscious planning now there’s a risk we lose the best bits of these new ways of working when the economy opens up again.”


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