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Millions of households could see energy bills soar by £244


Fifty-six fixed deals finish at the end of April, with more than 1.3 million homes facing an overall £324million hike. The potential rise is the highest since July 2019, according to price comparison experts Uswitch. 

Sarah Broomfield, from Uswitch, said: “More than a million households will be on the receiving end of a shock increase in their energy bills from next month if they don’t act quickly.

“The cost of not switching to a new plan when your deal comes to an end can be huge – if you don’t take action.”

When fixed deals come to an end, customers are automatically moved on to a standard variable tariff – the worst-value deals on the market.

The typical increase will be £244, but some consumers will see their bills rise by as much as £319.

Rising wholesale prices are the main cause of the hike, as well as customer debt as a result of the pandemic.

Experts are now urging customers to take action if their deal is due to expire.


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