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Million Pound Garages: Inside a two-storey luxury garage in Kent


Following the episodes Million Pound Barges and Million Pound Motorhomes, Million Pound Garage Conversions airs tonight at 8pm on Channel 5. It is the third episode in the documentary series, looking at various people’s unique lifestyles in the UK.

Simon Evans, who is a luxury garage creator and owns an impressive garage that has a batman-like parking spot for his sports car and a bar, emphasises the ways that the usages for garages have changed in the last few years.

He said: “It’s not a place to store, it’s a place to enjoy.

“Whatever you want that space to be, it’s your opportunity to create something that’s got mood and vibe and really lets you be more playful.”

Alistair Broom, a garage designer, explained that spending money on a garage can be a great investment.

He said: “If you spend £50,000 on a garage, you will add at least 70 to 100,000 pounds value to that house.”

Grenville spent years saving money in his job as a plumber before building a million-pound home for himself and his wife.

The couple bought the five-bedroom house for £450,000 before spending £500,000 renovating it.

With four children who currently do not live at home, Grenville and Sarah have plenty of space.

While Sarah has a large walk-in wardrobe that includes designer clothes, Grenville has his man-cave in the garage.

The wooden bar table alone in Grenville’s garage cost him over £1000, while the pool table cost £1,400.

Altogether, the man-cave cost around £50,000.

“I think it’s important for everyone to get somewhere to escape to,” Grenville said.


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