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Midsomer Murders: Was Elaine Paige in Midsomer Murders?


ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders will be coming back to British screens hopefully later this year. The show is currently in production with work taking place on series 22 with fans treated to a new spate of killings in the forthcoming episodes. Until then, some fans have been revisiting Midsomer Murders and are curious to know more about some of the guest cast of the show – including Dame Elaine Paige.

Was Elaine Paige in Midsomer Murders?

Dame Elaine was indeed in Midsomer Murders, appearing in the beloved British show back in the 2019 episode called The Ghost of Causton Abbey.

The legendary West End singer, actress, producer and radio presenter Dame Elaine took on the role of Sylvia Reynolds in the instalment from series 20.

She starred alongside Anita Harris, Jason Merrells, Angela Griffin and Tony Gardner in a tale of murder most foul.

The Ghost of Causton Abbey focused on a slaying around a supposedly cursed and abandoned abbey which had been transformed into a brewery.

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DCI John Barnaby (played by Neil Dudgeon) and DS Jamie Winter (Nick Hendrix) were on the case with a list of shifty-looking suspects to sift through.

Speaking about working on the episode, Dame Elaine said at the time to Stuff.NZ: “Working in television is obviously very different from working in the theatre, primarily because in the theatre you start at the beginning and you go right through to the end of the story.

“Television, as everybody knows, is shot out of sequence and it’s just a whole different medium. Everything is much smaller and minimal.”

She added: “It’s quite difficult if you are from the theatre but it’s been a lot of fun.”

Dame Elaine, who has performed all over the world, has recorded several albums of her musical numbers.

Alongside Midsomer Murders, she has previously had roles on television including Beautiful People, Where The Heart Is and Home From Home.

Additionally, the star has featured in factual programmes including The Elaine Paige Show and All Star Musicals.

When she isn’t appearing on stage or screen, Dame Elaine has her own BBC Radio 2 lunchtime show which attracts an average listening audience of 2.5 million.

The star has a slew of awards to her name as well including several Oliviers and a Grammy nomination.

She is a philanthropist as well, supporting charities including the Breast Cancer Campaign, The Children’s Trust Tadworth, and St Thomas’ Lupus Trust, among others.

Dame Elaine originally had ambitions to become a tennis player but later decided to pursue a career in the performing arts.

She is still a keen sportswoman and continues to play tennis.

Midsomer Murders is streaming on BritBox now


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