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Michelle Obama mimicked by Sturgeon as leader warned she could go rogue with Indyref2


The First Minister previously warned Mr Johnson that she could go rogue and deliver independence in the face of his opposition. One of her most salient messages came on Brexit Day as millions of Scots watched as their country – which voted to Remain – parted with Brussels. There, she mimicked Michelle Obama to hammer home her plans.

The former First Lady has found herself back in public realm following her new series, Waffles + Mochi, airing on Netflix.

Scotland goes to the ballots this May, with the Scottish National Party (SNP) keen to secure a majority.

The party’s leader, Ms Sturgeon, has said she will use any such result as a mandate for a second independence referendum.

Mr Johnson, however, has repeatedly refused to entertain the idea of an Indyref2, setting up a Westminster team to stop Scotland breaking away.

Speaking during her Brexit Day speech, and taking inspiration from Ms Obama’s now famous motto, Ms Sturgeon said: “As a wise woman once said, ‘When they go low, we go high’.”

She went on to say that she could call a “consultative” vote in the face of repeated blocks by No 10.

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While the Scottish leader is weary of such a move, Robert Johns, Professor in Politics at Essex University who is an investigator on the Scottish Election, told Express.co.uk that many in her party would favour such a path.

He said: “There are some people in the party who favour going ahead and having legislation to have a Catalonia style referendum, defying Westminster’s attempts to block it, whereas others who favour spending a few more years and stirring up more sentiment for independence if Westminster rejects it – there will be lots of questions.”

Meanwhile, Robert Tombs, the renowned historian, said Ms Sturgeon would never dream of copying Catalonia as it would crush her already slim hopes of rejoining the EU.

He explained: “Countries like Spain would not like that idea because it would be an encouragement to the Catalans, because they would say, ‘If the Scots can do it why can’t we?’

“And I would also guess that the EU would hesitate to do something which would seem to be a seriously unfriendly act towards a major state like Britain, to actually encourage the break up of another state.

“Could you imagine that happening in other countries around the world? Countries that go to war over things like that.

“We wouldn’t of course, but you would be risking a real crisis of relations if the EU was seen to be trying to encourage the breakup of the UK.”

While the majority of polls in recent months have found that just over 50 percent of Scots want to become independent, a handful of new surveys have found the opposite.

The most recent, carried out by the pro-Union group Scotland in Union (SiU), discovered that 60 percent of people in the country don’t want to leave.

A separate Survation poll carried out last month was the first in 22 not to give the ‘Yes’ camp a lead.


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