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Michelin-starred chef axes free children's meals after fussy parents complained


Walter Weissabel, once the private chef to Danny DeVito, had introduced free meals for kids with every adult meal purchased after seeing the food boxes families had been given to support them during the pandemic.

But the chef, whose establlishment is called Walter’s Kitchen, has become so fed up with parents demanding larger portions that he’s now no longer giving children free meals, says Plymouth Live.

The businessman said: “It’s absolutely disgusting; no respect and no appreciation for what I do for kids in these times.

“They were complaining about, ‘my kid doesn’t have broccoli in their (roast) or (no) Yorkshire pudding’, ‘my kid doesn’t like chicken on the bone’ and list goes on. Not doing that anymore.”

Walter’s Kitchen opened last month as a takeaway but will operate as a restaurant once the restrictions end.

The original plan was for kids to eat free until the end of the pandemic but, since the flood of complaints, Walter has changed his mind.

“It is really mindblowing. I input some money into kids roasts and some people don’t have any appreciation I believe I put enough food to every single kids roast that left my kitchen,” he wrote on the business’ Facebook page.

“Today was the day, no more. I couldn’t believe it – food and packaging cost me a lot for my business not charging them and still make a complaint, disgusting.”

The lengthy post added: “Guys, I just want to let you know Walter’s kitchen will not do any kids meals free as there is not any appreciation from our customers and trying to complain about kids meals as they expect full roast meals for the kids.

“The meals were completely free I thought I will do a nice thing in these horrible times but never expected that at all.

“Thank you for your custom.”

Walter, himself a father, trained at Michael Roux Jr’s iconic restaurant ‘Le Gavroche’ and since then has been a chef at Manchester United’s football stadium, worked at the Park Plaza Hotel in London where he “was the youngest chef and achieved three rosettes within one year”, and has also been Danny DeVito’s private chef.

Reflecting on his work for Mr DeVito, Walter said: “It was 2018. The next minute I was on a plane to Miami”.

Walter worked on the private yacht for four months earning around $10,000-$12,000 (£7,200 – £9,200) a month. But on further reflection Walter came to the realisation that: “Money isn’t everything.”

“I can’t be without my family,” he added.

Walter has a six-year-old son that he didn’t want to be away from for months at a time. He then moved to Plymouth three years ago as he longed for “the quiet life”.

When the pandemic hit, Walter was working at The Pickwick Inn in Kingsbridge, Devon, but unfortunately had to be “let go because of Covid”. This setback inspired the chef to create something of his own, and ‘Walter’s Kitchen’ was born.

The Michelin-starred chef said: “With my experience, being a chef is all that I know. I decided to turn my kitchen into a commercial kitchen.

“I want to work from home and make people happy with food.”


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