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Michael Schumacher health latest: Mick Schumacher's snappy response about father


Michael Schumacher continues to recover from a 2013 skiing accident at his home in Switzerland but very little details have emerged about the German’s condition. Son Mick Schumacher is gearing up for his first season in F1 but he is in no mood to talk family ahead of the campaign.

Only tiny scraps of information have been fed to the public regarding Schumacher senior’s condition.

The seven-time F1 world champion sustained a traumatic brain injury in 2013, only year after stepping away from the sport.

Schumacher was kept in a coma until he was pulled out of unconsciousness a year later.

It is unclear how 52-year-old is recovering but he is said to have his friends and family close.

Mick Schumacher has never spoken about the accident or how his dad is getting on.

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“I am very discreet on this subject,” he told Ouest France.

“We all know that Michael had a very serious accident and unfortunately it had significant consequences for him.

“Since then, he has been treated so that he can be able to return to a more normal life.”

Schumacher is also expected to follow his son’s progress as he attempts to live up to the family name.

“Of course he is following him,” Todt revealed.

“I see Michael very often – once or twice a month. My answer is the same all the time – he fights.”

Mick Schumacher will forever be compared to his father and with that will come an extra degree of pressure.

“At the end, I am the one driving the car,” he said. “It’s not my name driving me.

“So, obviously, the name does open a lot of doors. It opens a lot of contacts.

“But at the end, none of those people are racing for me. And I am doing this because I want to be here. I am doing this because I love the sport.”

He added: “I am sure nobody goes into the sport and says ‘I am gonna win everything. I am gonna be let’s say seven-time world champion’.

“If it (his F1 career) does happen to be a very successful one, then I will be, as I said, over the moon. And if it doesn’t, I still managed to get into F1 and do what I enjoyed the most.”


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