Home World Michael Mosley gossip blasted as Greek journalist pinpoints flaw with eyewitness accounts

Michael Mosley gossip blasted as Greek journalist pinpoints flaw with eyewitness accounts

But the mayor of Symi, Eleftherios Papakalodoukas, said firefighters had told him they believed it was “impossible” Dr Mosley was still there.

“It is a very small, controlled area, full of people. So, if something happened to him there, we would have found him by now,” he told the BBC.

A local journalist has said that there are unsubstantiated rumours that Dr Mosley may have fallen into the sea.

George Evgenidis, anchor of Greece’s Star TV channel, told Express.co.uk: “When the story broke, we were surprised, but it is not uncommon in Greece that accidents occur with tourists during summertime.

“However, when we realized that the missing person was a well-known British dietitian, the story took another dimension and I think this is why there is great zeal and diligence in the search and rescue operations of the authorities.

“There is no official information or update on the course of the search. However, a scenario supposedly being examined is that he fell off a rock and then into the sea. This means the search and rescue operations will be more complex than if he had an accident on the ground.

“Fortunately, or unfortunately, this accident happened in a small island and in small places, people talk. However, scenarios being discussed among locals have little relation with the actual circumstances.

“For example, there is an eyewitness statement that he was seen in a bus stop on the island. As far as I understand, the authorities are looking more into the scenario that he fell off the cliff and then into the sea.”

The Greek police spokesperson Constantina Dimoglidou told the Daily Mail: “He may have slipped, tripped, fallen, even been bitten by a snake, remaining injured somewhere.” He added: “Every potential scenario is open and being investigated.”

A Foreign Office spokesperson said: “We are supporting the family of a British man who is missing in Greece and are in contact with the local authorities.”


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