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MH370 bombshell as location of plane and cause of crash pinpointed: 'Meticulous plan'

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is languishing at the bottom of the ocean after the pilot set out to kill everyone onboard, an aviation expert has claimed.

MH370 disappeared while flying over the South China Sea in 2014, and to this day has never been found.

Since then, numerous different theories of how the plane went missing have been explored, but still there are no answers.

British pilot Simon Hardy was part of the official search for the Boeing 777, which was carrying 239 passengers on the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

He believes that the pilot deliberately downed the plane as part of a sick plot, leaving the aircraft at the bottom of the ocean.

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Hardy claimed Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was trying to down the plane in the Geelvinck Fracture Zone, a trench hundreds of miles under the southern Indian Ocean.

Hardy was never able to prove his theory before the searches were called off in 2017, but he is still sure that this is how MH370 went missing.

He told The Sun: “If you did manage to get it[MH370] in there you might find you get it buried after a few years by rocks, so it might even be at the bottom of the sea covered.

Talking about the pilot, he added: “As a meticulous planner, would that add another level of satisfaction? It makes a nice destination rather than randomly ditching it in the sea miles from anywhere.”

Hardy based his theory on clues such as the fact that the cockpit requested extra fuel and oxygen, but did not do the same for the cabin.

The expert believes this request was made so that Shah could fly the plane for an extra seven hours.

He said: “Imagine Miracle on the Hudson but everyone is already dead. Nobody gets out and it sinks to the bottom of the Southern Indian Ocean.

“Where does all the wreckage go? Well, there isn’t any, that’s why we’ve been deprived of wreckage.”

Hardy is also suspicious about the lack of debris. One part that was recovered was a part of a wing, that turned up on the island of Reunion.

The expert added: “If the flaps were down … then someone is moving a lever and it’s someone who knows what they are doing. It all points to the same scenario.”

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