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Merkel faces revolt as Germany 'done with' lockdowns despite third wave


Angela Merkel is facing increasing pressure from several German states to plunge Germany into a third national lockdown. The proposal comes as the country battles a third wave of coronavirus and hits the 100 cases per 100,000 people mark, a critical milestone which politicians agreed as the point where new restrictions would be brought in. The move would see restrictions in some states extended into April but the response from the public to the proposed measures is mixed.

Overall, 73.5 percent of respondents indicated they did not think Mr Laschet was the right candidate to replace Mrs Merkel, with only 14.7 feeling he has what it takes.

Among CDU voters specifically the results were no more encouraging with 72.5 percent feeling he was not the right person, compared with just 16.4 percent who thought he fitted the bill.

Speaking to Express.co.uk on Saturday, German MEP Hans Olaf Henkel who was also the president of the Federation of German Industries (BDI) between 1995 and 2000 said “the main reasons for the sudden dropping of the CDU‘s popularity has a lot to do with Merkel‘s handling of the COVID 19 crisis.”

He added Mrs Merkel was “not only unable to but unwilling to surround herself with competent people” and “in the view of many German voters, Von der Leyen, EU‘s German President and Merkel‘s confident, cocked it all up.”


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