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Mensa reveals the 17 early signs that you may have a genius child


2. Passing intellectual milestones early

Learning to read, talk, or play board games faster than their peers could mean that your child has an intelligent brain and may need more stimulation to be happier and more challenged.

3. Reading early

A vested interest in The Very Hungry Caterpillar may not seem like a genius undertaking, but if your child is reading earlier than their peers, they could be on the way to a brainy future.

4. Unusual hobbies or interests or an in-depth knowledge of certain subjects

An interest in trains or films is very common in children, but if your child can really tell their sci-fi from their comedy at a young age, they may be showing signs of being gifted. Pursuing hobbies to an in-depth degree could be a sign that they are looking for a mental challenge to satisfy.

5. Intolerance of other children

Highly intelligent children may find it frustrating to socialise with peers their own age, as they may not be able to understand why others can’t keep up with them. It has also been proved that gifted children may be more sensitive than others, so could be upset if they are left out or teased by peers.

6. An awareness of world events

An awareness of the news and world around them at a young age – for example engaging in newspapers or asking questions about politics – could indicate a quest for knowledge.

7. Set themselves impossibly high standards

Gifted children can be sensitive to failure as they tend to be perfectionists, and proud of the skills and knowledge they can attain; as a result, they may set very high standards for themselves and be upset when they get something wrong.

8. May be a high achiever

It may seem obvious, but if your child is performing above-average in school, they may not just be enjoying their subjects, but could have a higher IQ than most.


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