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Melania Trump tipped to keep snubbing hush money trial to avoid public 'humiliation'

Melania Trump will not support her husband Donald Trump in person as he continues to attend all hearings in his ongoing hush money trial, a former aide has predicted.

The former First Lady hasn’t attended any proceedings in the multiple legal cases the former president has been grappling with over the past year.

And her ex-aide and friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff noted Melania is unlikely to accompany her husband to any hearing of his hush money trial going forward as she seeks to avoid further “humiliation.”

Mrs. Trump has shied away from the spotlight ever since leaving the White House, with her husband citing her desire to focus her attention on their son Barron whenever asked about her absence.

Winston Wolkoff, however, argued Melania will not be stepping out publicly to back the former president – especially for a case connected to his alleged affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

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With a bodyguard positioned outside the suite, she described Trump as “bigger and blocking the way.” When the sex was over, she added, “It was really hard to get my shoes on; my hands were shaking so hard.”

Daniels made clear under questioning that she was not physically or verbally threatened to have sex and that she was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time.

Now in its fifth week, prosecutors brought in former fixer Michael Cohen to discuss his role in the hush money scheme.

And Cohen, too, shared insight into Trump’s relationship with former First Lady Melania, claiming the then-Republican had suggested he would be able to replace his wife quickly should she leave him after the Stormy Daniels story broke.


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