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Melania Trump left unable to hire staff after Ivanka ‘used all of the budgets’ – claim


Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, author of the controversial memoir Melania and Me, claimed the former First Lady had been left only with some titles and salaries after Donald Trump’s daughter and son-in-law took “all of the budgets”. According to Mrs Trump’s former senior advisor and friend, she had to turn down her original stipend in order to be able to hire staff.

Speaking on Mooch FM podcast, Ms Winston Wolkoff recounted a conversation with Donald Trump’s deputy chief of staff, Katie Walsh where the pair discussed the purported financial issue in the East Wing.

She said: “I’m realising Melania didn’t have a budget and didn’t really have any staff.

“It was me interviewing everyone because Ivanka and Jared had used all of the budgets, all of the titles.

“Melania was left with a handful of titles and salaries that wouldn’t enable us to hire anyone with any experiences.

“So I gave up the original salary because I needed to hire two other people in order to be there and to help set up the East Wing.”

Ms Winston Wolkoff allegedly served as an unpaid adviser to the First Lady from January 2017 to February 2018.

The author confessed she had become “disheartened” with the overall lack of respect for the First Lady in the East Wing.

She said: “It was so disheartening because it didn’t matter to me whether Melania was there, whether they felt Melania had the ability to do something that was going to be impactful.


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