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Mel B praises other victims of abuse in their fight for justice


She has now called on women to unite over the issue. Rotherham child sex ring survivor Sammy Woodhouse and campaigner Victoria Hudson are battling for justice for those who say they have suffered through the Family Court system. Mel B said: “I have been following Victoria’s case with huge interest and sympathy. And the fact that her terrible situation has pushed her to help others by launching this campaign to get justice for victims and children who have been failed in the UK Family Court system is inspirational to me.

“Women need to unite and band together to make our world a more just place and we need to keep fighting because the abuse never stops on so many levels.”

Sammy saw the father of her 19-year-old son, who was conceived through rape, be offered a chance to get involved in her son’s future even though he remains behind bars.

Victoria, 45, has been trying to win recourse for scores of other abused women.

The Daily Express’s End This Injustice campaign has also been fighting for survivors.

Victoria said it was incredible to have the backing of the Spice Girl in the fight to change the Family Court system.

She said: “It’s amazing Mel has shown her support. I was overwhelmed receiving her message, even shed a tear, as it’s been four years of fighting this horrendous system now. To receive such kind words means so much.

“When someone with the audience Mel has shows support, it is time the Government acknowledges we have a problem.”

It comes after the Domestic Abuse Bill returned to the House of Commons yesterday, meaning new laws to protect victims are one step closer.


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