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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Oprah interview 'out of their hands' amid show axe calls


Chris Ship appeared with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain to discuss whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s much-anticipated interview with the US chat show host Oprah would still go ahead give the fact Harry’s grandfather, Prince Phillip, remains in hospital. Mr Ship insisted on GMB that the plug is unlikely to be pulled on the programme at this stage. He added that the decision whether or not the interview is aired was now “out of the hands” of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Discussing the timing of the interview, the royal expert said: “I think it probably is out of their hands actually.

“Piers you will know the American media market better than me and CBS, who is airing what is now a two-hour special rather than a ninety-minute special that is started out to be originally.

“Which rather suggests the producers have got a lot of material to work with.

“CBS has probably sold all the advertising slots, the programme is fixed in the schedule for 8 pm Eastern Time on Sunday evening.

He continued: “It is very difficult to move that now, I am not even sure it is in Harry and Meghan’s hands.

“I don’t know how big a figure Prince Phillip is in the US.

“Clearly everybody knows who the Queen is and this is the Queen’s husband.

“But I wonder whether CBS would think that would be a significant enough development.”

The interview is set to include how the couple coped under intense public scrutiny.

It follows their decision to “step back” as senior royals, a process dubbed “Megxit”.

In January 2020, the Sussexes publicly announced they would be quitting royal life and have since moved to California.

They have since begun working independently from the Firm and signed deals purportedly worth millions of dollars with streaming giants Netflix and Spotify.


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