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Meghan and Harry will 'never cut themselves off' from royals or they won't appeal


He said: “The job of the monarchy [is a representative family], the monarchy no longer exists to rule the country, the monarchy – back in the time of Queen Victoria, said ‘our new job is to be a representative family, to represent Britain to the world and to ourselves’. 

To show us how to live in a way, so it is legitimate to talk about them.” 

Adil added: “You’re an author, this is what you do, it’s your profession.

“But a lot of [the press], there were about five different stories on Harry and Meghan and they haven’t really spoken [recently], the interview was over a month ago. But, their profiting from it.

“They’re making money from it, the story, in the end, makes money for media and authors like yourself, and it gives us something to talk about on this show as well – let’s be honest – it is of interest and it’s profiteering in many ways.” 

“It is, but also, our British system is we have a government elected to run the country and we have a royal family who through history have been there to represent other values in life, so it is perfectly legitimate to talk about that,” the guest explained. 

“How do brothers get on, how do families deal with issues like this? It’s an important thing to discuss.” 


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