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Megastar DJ Alok 'thrilled' to link up with 'amazing' Brit rising star Allegra

ALOK has worked with everyone from Ed Sheeran and Dua Lipa to RAYE, and now he is collaborating with one of the UK’s brightest rising stars. In the end of year musical Hunger Games reckonings for 2023, the Brazilian superstar had more monthly Spotify listeners on Tik Tok than Pharrell, Jason Derulo or (listen up, Eurovision fans) ABBA.

ALOK is the fourth-biggest DJ in the entire world with a staggering 6.5 billion streams, so he knows a little about talent and was ager to work with Allegra on her latest track Love You Right Back.

He said: “I first discovered Allegra through Tiesto’s remix of her track Round & Round, and I have been following her ever since. When she reached out to me about remixing her latest single, I was thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with such an amazing artist. She is extremely talented, and it has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with her.”

An insider told The Express: “ALOK is convinced that Allegra’s ability to create mesmerising melodies over infectious beats will make her a ‘major star’.”

Allegra told The Express: “I’m beyond excited to continue pushing boundaries and reaching new heights in my music career. Collaborating with ALOK on the remix of ‘Love You Right Back’ was a truly amazing experience and he breathed new life into the song, making it even more incredible than I could have imagined. It’s just the beginning of what’s to come. It’s all about going bigger and bolder from here on out. I hope this electrifying song will fill out dance floors all summer long.

“Getting the opportunity to work alongside ALOK has been one of my proudest accomplishments in my music career so far. I’m so excited for my fans to hear it, and catch a glimpse of what’s next up my sleeve…”

A classically trained singer and violinist, Allegra was lured to pop in her teens after growing up listening to Rihanna and Beyonce. She was signed at 14, and spent years honing her sound and training her singing voice for the dance floor.

Her debut single All About You was released five years later in 2021 peaking at Number 7 on America’s Billboard Dance Chart and Number 2 on Music Week’s Club Chart, as well as notching up official chart placements across Europe and worldwide. She has subsequently delivered six more Top 3 singles.

With more than eleven million plays on Spotify and ten million plus TikTok views, this is only the beginning.

 Alok’s remix of Allegra’s is available Love You Right Back on all streaming platforms now.


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