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McDonald’s workers reveal the least ordered menu item – can you guess what it is?


A McDonald’s worker has revealed the least popular item on the menu – and it has surprised people.

The hot beverage, he explains, is never ordered as much as its favourite cold and sweetened counterpart.

TikTok / @Patulafamilymcdonalds

The man said he is frequently asked what is unpopular[/caption]

Stephen Patula reveals that hot tea is the least requested menu item, and when sharing a video on his YouTube account on October 14th, he says he has not served it since his family bought the franchise in July.

Stephen, who is an area supervisor from Waterford, Ohio said answered the question on a previous TikTok video where he shares lots of insights into the fast-food chain.

“We bought these stores in July and I have yet to serve one hot tea,” he said.

Adding: “I actually didn’t even know that we sold hot tea until about a month ago.”

He also says that ironically, the most sold item in the store is ice tea.

The TikTok account, where he posts under the domain @patulafamilymcdonalds has over 934k followers and many have also commented on the youtube video.

“Welp I know what I’m asking for next time I’m there,” said one person.

“Exactly someone asked for hot tea the other day and I had to ask where it was on the machine bc I had no clue where it was or that we even sold it” commented another worker.

In another popular TikTok video, Stephen shows how the ice tea is made, titling the post “The best sweet tea comes from Mickey D’s.”

The post has racked up over 332k views and has been met with a range of comments.

“In high school, we would get this EVERY day commented one person.”

“Bro, I get this every time at McDonald’s” commented another.


The ice tea is the most sold item[/caption]

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