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McDonald’s to add five new items to menu next week – including return of classic burger


McDonald’s changes its menu regularly, often launching new items and scrapping some customer favourites. Next week, it will get rid of five foods and replace them with new products.

McDonald’s has announced five new additions to its menu, launching next week until mid-June.

The new products will be available at all of the fast-food giant’s restaurants from 5 May until 15 June.

One of the new items is a customer favourite, a burger called the Bacon Clubhouse Double.

This features two 100 percent beef patties, two rashers of Beechwood smoked bacon, a slice of cheddar cheese, onions, tomato, lettuce, and sauce.

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Priced at £1.89, the cheesy treats come in a pack of five and accompanied with a delicious tomato and herb sauce.

The McFlurry’s to return to the menu are the Galaxy and Galaxy Caramel flavours.

Both feature Galaxy chocolate chunks with either chocolate or caramel sauce and cost £1.39.

Although customers are likely to be delighted at the return of some McDonald’s favourites, it means that some items currently available will be scrapped next week.

McDonald’s will get rid of five products on 5 May, including the Big Tasty burger and the Chicken BBQ Smokehouse burger.

The two McFlurry’s to be removed from the menu are the Cadbury Crème Egg and the Cadbury Caramel flavours.

These items were reintroduced to McDonald’s stores in March, and, at the time, the fast-food chain told customers they would only be available until early May.

However, the items are likely to be back on the menu sometime in the future.

McDonald’s Mozzarella Dippers could be the sixth item to be removed from the menu next week, but it is not yet clear if this axing will go ahead.

The cheesy snack was reintroduced to the restaurant chain’s menu in February this year, and although McDonald’s removed some items from its menu in March, the dippers were not one of them.

In other McDonald’s news, the restaurant chain is introducing Pokémon toys to its Happy Meal boxes next month.

However, it will limit how many customers can get due to fears that the toys could sell out and be resold on eBay for hundreds of pounds.


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