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Maya Millete missing update – Husband Larry called ‘spell-casters’ to make Maya ‘incapacitated’ and stay in relationship


A MISSING woman’s husband has been arrested for her murder 10 months after she vanished.

San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan revealed during a press conference this evening that Miya Millete’s husband, Larry Millete, contacted “spellcasters” to try to make Maya want to stay with him.

“Larry was trying to hold on to May, and he resorted to contacting what are called ‘spellcasters’. I’ve never had a case where that was involved,” she said.

Maya Millete, 39, disappeared in California back on January 7 – the same day she scheduled a meeting with a divorce attorney for the following week.

The 39-year-old has not been seen since she vanished in Chula Vista, San Diego, and her husband was arrested today for her presumed murder.

Earlier this year, Larry was named a person of interest in the case.

Summer Stephan claimed that in December of 2020, Larry’s messages to spellcasters became more threatening.

“He was asking for May to become incapacitated, for May to be in an accident, to have broken bones so that she could stay at home, thus displaying his homicidal ideations to harm May,” she said.

Maya and Larry have three children, aged four, nine and 11.

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