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MasterChef's John Torode and Gregg Wallace on big show change ‘Not what we're used to!'


Tonight, John Torode and Gregg Wallace will present the last of the heats. MasterChef fans will tune in to see five more hopefuls competing for an apron by cooking their signature dish. The two best will automatically go through, while the remaining three must cook two courses for the presenters as well as Dhruv Baker and Alex Rushmer – champion and finalist from the 2010 competition. Over the past few weeks, tensions have been high in the kitchen and viewers have been very critical about the standard of food being created – despite the one major change which came into play in this series, making it arguably easier for the contestants to take part. 

With many months of being at home and practising for the competition more than past contestants have, apparently, it was an overwhelming experience for some of the amateur chefs when they had their food tasted by John and Gregg. 

There was one female contestant who the presenters spoke about and Gregg explained the situation: “If they had, as John and I suspected, put more practice time in, then of course, they’ve invested more in it than they would have done normally,” he added. 

John went onto say how this contestant, like many others, has “only ever cooked for her own family”. 

“She came on the first time and you know, were they tears of joy? Or were they tears of frustration? What were they?” The Australian chef commented. “And I think more than anything I think they were they were tears of joy.” 

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But what did John and Gregg think about the plate she created? Luckily they “liked her food” and described her as a “generous cook”. 

“The food that she cooks is, you know, it’s not what everybody would be used to eating. And it was really very, very good,” John added. 

This year’s series incorporates a new challenge for the contestants who see make something around their favourite ingredient. 

John spoke to The Sun’s TV Magazine about this and why he liked this new element: “It shows there are so many ingredients out there that we would five or 10 years ago not even considered to be an ingredient.”

He also said it was an opportunity to see how people use an ingredient they’ve never seen or cooked with before. 


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