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Massage gun benefits: How to use a massage gun


Massage gun benefits

Massage guns aren’t just for athletes – anyone can benefit from a deep massage using this device.

Joel said: “Currently we see massage guns being marketed especially for athletes, I think it is a disservice as anyone can use the device to experience a benefit from it, from common injuries that need increased circulation to athletes trying to warm-up and elderly with aches and pain.”

A massage can provide similar relief to that of a massage therapist, and you don’t need to leave your house or tire out your hands.

Whether you’ve got a painful injury or just feel like relaxing, a massage gun can help just about anyone.

Joel added: “I wouldn’t limit it to any specific condition – I currently use it as part of my recovery from ACL [anterior cruciate ligament] surgery. It can be used for any type of circulatory issues, muscle stimulation, nervous system activation, the list is endless.”


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