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Martin Roberts: Homes Under The Hammer host hits back at complaints about his 'messy' home


Homes Under The Hammer star Martin Roberts told viewers of his online Property Clinic that someone had complained about the state of his room, which he films the instalments in on a weekly basis. The television presenter, who films the YouTube show at his home in Bath, said the person had moaned that it was “messy”.

Martin, who has fronted the BBC property show since 2003, hit back at the remarks in the latest episode of his programme.

The 57-year-old was opening the show when he addressed the comments.

“Hello, hello. Martin here with your Property Clinic.

“I came into my room, which by the way, someone has complained about being too messy,” he began, before explaining that his son had stolen his chair.

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“Well, you know what? This is my messy room,” Martin continued.

“I’ve got other rooms which are not messy, but this one is messy.

“So if you don’t like it then… [blows a raspberry].

“You could always green screen the background out or cut out me, and put some tropical background in or whatever you want,” he said.

“Not enjoying this at all. I don’t know why, I think we are all a bit bored, aren’t we?” was his reply.

“Bored and tired. The weather has been rubbish and I’m sick of it,” he added.

“Anyway, we now have a plan, a route out, and we’ve got to stick with it and we’ll get there.

“Then the drinking can begin, no, the partying can begin, yes!”

Another person asked: “Anybody ever thought you and Lucy Alexander were married?”

“Yes actually, much to her husband’s annoyance, because we’re not.

“We are husband and screen wife, that’s what I say, I call her my screen wife,” he went on to say of his former co-host.

“Apparently people do come up to her occasionally when she is out with her husband and accuse her of cheating on me, which is very funny cause that really cheeses him off as you can imagine,” Martin added.


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