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Martin Lewis warns everyone must check two documents due to holiday rule change

Martin Lewis is urging everyone going on holiday this summer to check two vital documents before they travel after a rule change.

Martin, returning on his ITV1 The Martin Lewis Money Show on Tuesday, told viewers planning for their summer hols how they could be caught out or even sent back home if they don’t check the dates on their documents.

One document is a GHIC card (or EHIC) which gets you free treatment while abroad if you have an accident or medical issue, the other is your passport which may no be valid in some countries any more depending on the time remaining on it.

Martin said; “If you’re going to the European Union you want a valid EHIC or its replacement the GHIC card.

“There are 4.3million EHICs that expire this year, they’re being replaced by the Global Health Insurance card.

“If you’ve got one of those you get treatment at an EU GP or doctors at the same cost of a local. So if they don’t pay, you don’t pay.

“Lots of them are out of date, that’s worth knowing.”

Martin added that the GHIC/EHIC is always free so don’t get scammed into paying for one.

He said: “The most important thing I can say to you is don’t google this. There are shyster sites that will try to get you to pay for one. It is always free. Never pay. Go to NHS.UK.

“While we’re on expiry dates, check your passport. Here’s mine: expiry date July 2025.

“Two things that you need to check; on the day that you entered the country, is your passport under 10 years old? It doesn’t matter how long you’ve got left, if it’s over 10 years old many countries will not let you in.

“They will send you back. Some countries you need at least 6 months left to be let in, in the EU it’s three months less. So check yours and your kids EHIC, GHICs and passports, do it now so you’ve got time to renew before you go on holiday.”


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