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Martin Lewis shares warning that simple mistake could mean your ex gets your pension

Martin Lewis has issued an urgent warning to divorcees as a simple blunder may mean your ex-partner gets all of your pension.

The Money Saving Expert told Brits to check their pension as he warned it can be a “nightmare” to fix. Posting on X, Mr Lewis explained you can’t leave pension savings in your will.

This means your provider will decide what to do with the cash should you die before taking it out. Martin urged divorcees to send their provider an “expression of wishes” ahead of time.

He said: “An expression of wishes or nomination form tells them your preference.

“Fill one in – your provider should have them. If you have but it was years ago, check it’s up to date.”

Martin explained how one woman’s ex-husband was still on her nomination form when she died, leaving her family forced to contest the form in what a colleague of the woman called a “nightmare for all involved”.

If you want to leave your pension to someone, there’s an extra step to take. An “expression of wish and nomination” form tells your pension provider who should receive your pension savings (the “beneficiaries”) if you die before you retire.

Each pension provider will have their own expression of wishes form. You’ll usually be asked to fill one out as soon as you sign up to the scheme.

These forms will usually ask you to provide:

  • Name
  • National insurance number
  • Pension account number
  • Beneficiaries details
  • The percentage of savings you’d like the recipient to receive

You’ll need to update this form when you experience a change, like moving house or getting a divorce, and you should fill out one for each pension you have in case you have more than one.

If you can’t locate your form online, call your pension provider.


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