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Martin Lewis issues urgent energy bill warning to 1.7m Brits as Bulb enters administration


Bulb Energy has announced that the firm will be put into administration. But money-saving expert Martin Lewis has urged its customers not to switch to other providers, insisting that – for now, at least – “your credit is safe”.

Bulb has 1.7 million British customers.

It is by far the largest UK energy company to hit significant difficulties amid a rise in wholesale gas prices this year.

The company will be the first energy provider to be placed into “special administration”.

But Mr Lewis has warned that customers should not be scared by the news into switching to another provider.

In a Twitter post, he urged Britons not to worry, adding that “your supply will continue”, adding that “you will stay on the price cap”, meaning “there’s nowt meaningfully cheaper”.

He warned that switching to another provider now could see one’s costs increase by 30 percent or more.

On top of this, he added, in a message he urged all to “share” on social media, that “your credit is safe”.

Responding to questions from social media users, he also advised customers not to cancel their Bulb Direct Debits because Bulb will continue to be their energy provider, just run by an administrator instead.

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In a statement, it said: “Customers of Bulb do not need to worry – Bulb will continue to operate as normal.

“Customers will see no disruption to their supply and their account and tariff will continue as normal. Bulb staff will still be available to answer calls and queries.”

Bulb is Britain’s seventh-largest household electricity and gas company.

It was founded in 2015 and currently employs around 1,000 staff.

Its collapse has sparked further questions about the vulnerability of the energy sector more generally.

Gillian Cooper, head of energy policy for Citizens Advice, said in response to the news: “When the country’s seventh-largest supplier fails, serious questions must be asked about the state of the market and how it’s regulated.”

Mr Lewis added that customers should be wary when receiving advice from friends or relatives whose providers have gone bust earlier in the year because Bulb is the first energy firm to enter “special administration” rather than be “taken over by Supplier Of Last Resort”.

He said: “Some things differ.”

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