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Martin Lewis issues £144 warning to Virgin Media, Sky and TalkTalk customers

Money saving expert Martin Lewis has issued a warning to broadband customers including the major players Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk following price hikes.

All the major broadband providers raised prices in the past four weeks. In April, TalkTalk increased bills for customers mid-contract by 7.7%.

Virgin Media increased prices by 8.8% – 4.9% from the RPI inflation rate with another 3.9% stuck on top.

And Sky increased its broadband and TV prices by an average of 6.7% from April.

But you don’t have to swallow the price hike, Martin Lewis advised his fans, and there is a way to push back and cut your monthly internet outgoings.

This is because, unless you’re in your contract period – which typically covers the first 12 to 18 months of your current deal – then you’re actually free to move with 30 days’ notice because you’ll have dropped to a rolling month to month payment once your initial contract period has passed.

That means you’re open to new customer deals from other suppliers using price comparison websites and, once you cancel your current plan to swap, you may even find your current broadband provider offers you a better deal to stay and you don’t even have to switch.

Martin Lewis heard from one caller to his BBC Sounds The Martin Lewis Podcast who saved £144 a year on his broadband simply by making a switch.

He who told Martin: “I managed to get my phone bill down from £52 a month to SIM-only for £9. Plus my fibre broadband from £32 a month to £20.”

Martin then added: “This is a no-brainer for those 20 million people but if you sit on your mobile and broadband you are likely paying far more than you need and frankly you are being ripped off and you will not be getting enough data and you will not be getting fast enough speeds.

“So you will not only be paying too much but you will be getting sub-service level products. That is something you need to check out. There will be some out there who are all sorted. For you? Wonderful. But for tens of millions of people in the UK, you’re paying too much for your broadband and it’s not fast enough, you’re paying too much on your mobile and you’re not getting enough data. That’s what I want to sort today.”


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