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Martin Lewis explains how customers can benefit from up to 36,000 free Nectar points


A Nectar card is a useful way for shoppers to save money on everything from food to petrol in participating stores. Retailers and websites which accept Nectar cards include the likes of Sainsbury’s, Esso, Asos, eBay and Expedia.

As part of his weekly Martin Lewis Money Show Live, money saving expert Martin Lewis has revealed two simple ways customers can bag themselves free Nectar points.

The first of these tips can see customers get their hands on anything from 100 to 2,000 free points.

All they need to do is download and log into the Nectar app.

The provider is now offering customers a “Juicy Boost”, which is where the free points come in.

By pressing the “Juicy Points Boost” button, the customer will be given a random amount of points which will be determined in a lottery style.

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A recent development means customers can now swap their unused Avios points into Nectar points, or vice versa.

Martin said this trick could help customers get “serious shopping at Sainsbury’s”.

However, he warned it does involve a credit card, which carries some risks.

“It’s about the American Express Rewards Gold credit card,” he explained.

“If you are accepted for that and you spend £3,000 on it in three months you will get 23,000 AMEX rewards points which includes the 23,000 point bonus.

“I would only do this for your normal spending each month over £1,000 each month. It is quite a high amount.

“If not, don’t bother. It is not an excuse for spending more.”

The money saving expert advised customers should “use the card for everything you would normally spend on.”

He continued: “What they normally advertise is you can redeem those points for a voucher at Amazon, M&S and more. But I have a trick. A bit of a loophole.

“The first thing you do is to convert 23,000 AMEX points into 23,000 Avios points.

“Then, because you can now swap Avios into Nectar you convert that to 36,000 Nectar points which you can then spend at Nectar partners including Sainsbury’s where it is worth £184. So nearly double what they would typically suggest.”

He added: “Of course, it is a credit card so always pay it off in full.”


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