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Married GP Goksel Celikkol, 78, is struck off over affair with singer, 22


A family doctor who had sex with a woman 31 years his junior and who plied her with medication to continue their affair has been struck off the medical register. 

Married GP Goksel Celikkol was 55 when he started having sex with the 22-year-old woman who said she felt ‘trapped’ in their relationship because she needed him to give her sleeping tablets.

Celikkol who was club doctor for Blackpool FC, and who married in 1970, first touched the patient inappropriately during an ‘out of hours’ intimate examination in 1999.

He took her out for lunch at a seaside hotel in Fleetwood where she was due to perform a gig before the doctor started having sex with her. The tribunal heard Celikkol would prescribe her with excess doses of Zopiclone so she could take up to double the daily recommended amount.

Dr Goksel Celikkol, pictured, began sleeping with a patient 31 years her junior after prescribing her with excessive doses of sleeping pills and anti-anxiety drugs

Dr Goksel Celikkol, pictured, began sleeping with a patient 31 years her junior after prescribing her with excessive doses of sleeping pills and anti-anxiety drugs

The victim, who is now 45, registered with Celikkol's surgery, pictured, and was first'touched inappropriately' in 1999

The victim, who is now 45, registered with Celikkol’s surgery, pictured, and was first ‘touched inappropriately’ in 1999

The affair broke up in August 2020 when the singer moved to Scotland to live with her mother and she registered with a different GP – but over the next seven years Celikkol continued to prescribe her the tablets including Prozac and the appetite suppressant Reductil initially sending them by post before using her on-off boyfriend’s address.

In an exchange of texts as recently as 2014 Celikkol told her: ‘We must have been connected and related to each other before anything like this could happen! I admired u for being a very intelligent and talented person. I enjoyed so much talking to you. One can’t put everything on a txt message if u come to Blackpool we can meet and talk over a meal on my expenses.’

Initially, the woman known as Ms A who has bipolar and a history of suicide attempts did not report Celikkol but she complained in 2017 after writing a ‘story’ about her experiences whilst undergoing counselling. She has given up her singing career.

In a statement the woman, a widow now 45, said: ‘At the time I was in floods of tears and I was asking him to help me as I was very depressed and lonely but Dr Celikkol prescribed me more anti-depressants and asked me out for lunch with him. I agreed as I naively thought he asked me as he could see how alone I was, I did not think he would make any physical advances towards me.’

Recalling the early days of the her relationship, she said: ‘We went to a restaurant and had a nice lunch and when we got back into his car afterwards he kissed me and I was gobsmacked.

‘I don’t recall any conversation we had, but he was very forceful. I was sitting on the passenger seat and he was leaning right over into the passenger seat so I felt I had no choice but to kiss him.

The woman, known as Patient A, told the hearing how she would have sex with Celikkol, pictured, whenever he would deliver medication

The woman, known as Patient A, told the hearing how she would have sex with Celikkol, pictured, whenever he would deliver medication 

‘I didn’t want to have sex but I felt trapped in a situation I didn’t know how to get out of because he was also prescribing me medication I really needed at that time.

‘I hated the situation. He was about 30 years older than me so I had no attraction to him whatsoever – I just felt I was trapped in a situation I had no idea how to get out of. I decided the only way to make it stop was to literally leave the country.’

At the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester, Celikkol, now 78 and who qualified in Turkey in 1968 was found guilty of serious professional misconduct. He retired from practice in 2018 but will now be unable to treat patients if he tries to resume his 54 year medical career.. Police quizzed him about the allegations, but no criminal charges have followed. 

Celikkol moved to the UK from Istanbul in 1971 to work for the NHS and set up his GP surgery, in Staining, Lancashire, in 1984 before taking over the Grange Park in 1990 and running both practices simultaneously caring for 2,500 patients.

Ms A had moved to Blackpool to sing in the resort’s cabaret clubs and initially registered as a patient at Staining in 1996 to get put on the pill before re-registering at the surgery in 1999.

In her 2014 story, which she headed ’causes me deep shame and regret,’ Ms A said she returned to Celikkol’s practice to get treatment for orthopedic issues when told he was the club doctor at Blackpool FC.

She wrote: ‘He asked me to take my trousers off and lie on the bed so he could manipulate the joints to work out which ones were really causing the problem.

‘But when moving one of my legs his fingers touched me where they shouldn’t have. I got a fright but then told myself it must have been an accident. I then admitted how much I was struggling and he increased my antidepressant and asked me if I wanted to go out for lunch.

‘I seriously thought he was just being friendly but somehow I found myself in a relationship with the doctor and he would often come over and have sex with me.

‘Sometimes we would be lying on my bed watching TV and I would reject his advances and even used to joke that it was his own fault for prescribing me medication that affected my sex drive. Again though, despite me expressing I didn’t want to, we always seemed to end up having sex anyway and then he would leave to go home to his family.

‘He would give me extra meds when I wanted them so I felt trapped in a situation where I wanted the medication and to end the relationship would end the only release I had from the madness in my mind which was not under control at that point.

‘I’d refused to go on lithium because I was too scared it would affect me that I wouldn’t be able to do my job on stage so I was going

through various combinations of drugs to see what would work best for me. It was during this period when things were out of control I would literally beg him to help me.’

‘I feel guilt that I ended up involved with a married man who wasn’t separated from his wife and deep deep shame that I would allow this to happen for the sake of extra medication to help me when I was struggling.’

Ms A later gave a statement to police about the GP in which she said: ‘I liked him but not to the extent of having sex with him. In terms of my medication, sometimes I would take my prescribed medication for the day.

‘But if I was having a bad day, I would contact him and he would come to the house and give me extra medication. Once I had taken the medication, then he would initiate sexual intercourse with me. It was never discussed, but it was unspoken that if he brought me the medication, then we would then have sex.

‘It was always Zolpidem that he gave me and it became a situation which I related to if I engaged in sexual activity I would get the medication.’

For the GMC Miss Chloe Hudson said: ‘Dr Celikkol was motivated by his own selfish sexual urges towards Patient A. The prescribing and supplying of medication to a patient who had a history of self-harm could have had very serious consequences for her, given that she was able to take double the standard dose of sleeping medication and that she had a history of attempting to take her own life.

‘Dr Celikkol was allowing his own sexual self-interest to maintain this patient on medication which she was particularly keen to receive. He used his position over her to make sure the relationship continued.’

Celikkol said Ms A had made up the affair but admitted meeting her socially and watching her sing in a social club. He denied prescribing excess quantities of prescription drugs.

Panel chairman Angus Macpherson said: ‘Dr Celikkol had a professional obligation to observe proper boundaries with his patients, and particularly with a patient who was vulnerable, and that he was, by his own account, happily married.

‘Patient A had a right to expect that he would treat and care for her appropriately. Instead, he exploited his position as her doctor and succumbed to the sexual feelings which he had developed toward her. This was an extremely serious abuse of trust.’ 

For confidential support call the Samaritans in the UK on 08457 90 90 90, or visit a local Samaritans branch for details.

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