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Married At First Sight’s Marilyse stings Franky as she admits she doesn’t want kids with him at awkward dinner party


MARRIED At First Sight’s Marilyse stung Franky at tonight’s dinner party by admitting she doesn’t want children with him.

It was a tense evening as the honesty box made a reappearance and couples quizzed each other with deep questions.


Marilyse made it clear she doesn’t want any more kids at the moment[/caption]


Franky said he’d be willing to move from Dubai for her[/caption]

Franky asked his wife: “Do you want to have a child with me?”

The direct question attracted raised eyebrows from the other couples around the table.

Marilyse replied: “Right now, the answer is no. I do not want a child right now. I’ve got two children that are older and healthy and I’m happy.

“I’ve never wanted a child this early with somebody.”

While Franky’s reaction gave little away, viewers were convinced it was a bitter pill for the personal trainer to swallow.

One wrote on Twitter: “That cut franky DEEP #MAFSUK.”

Another said: “ooo franky has a question. omg asking wifey if she wants a child with him #MAFSUK.”

A third posted: “Interesting body language from Franky – hands covering his mouth when Marilyse was saying no to a child. Wonder if it means anything?”

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He asked how she would feel if he made the move from his home in Dubai back to the UK to be with her.

She told him: “If it was purely for me, I’d feel a bit pressure.”

He responded: “80 per cent I want to move back for you, but there is other things about me moving back to the UK… my mum, it would make her life for me to move back.”

Addressing the table, he said: “As soon as this lady here said she had children, I was already thinking about moving back.

“I’ve done a whole 16 years in the sun, moving back for you is very easy, darling.”

The sweet comment drew praise from the other couples.

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