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Married At First Sight’s Luke left red-faced as Morag makes x-rated comment as she confirms they’ve had sex


MARRIED At First Sight’s Luke was left blushing last night after wife Morag made an X-rated comment to confirm they’ve had sex.

Surrounded by the other couples, Luke beamed as he reflected on their night of passion.

Mafs’ Luke was surprised by wife Morag’s naughty sex comment

Morag was over the moon to finally bed her man[/caption]

He said: “Last night was the best night we’ve ever had together.”

Catching him off-guard, Morag chipped in: “And I slid right down your fireman’s pole.”

The cheeky comment had Bob and wife Megan in hysterics as were the experts who were watching the action from afar.

Bashful Luke said: “I can’t believe you just said that.”

He added: “I was pretty shocked when Morag said the whole fireman’s pole thing.”

But Morag was unapologetic, laughing to camera: “I know he secretly likes it and wants me to shout from the rooftops ‘we’re having sex!’”

Their steamy romp came after Luke dressed as a fireman and performed a striptease.

I slid right down your fireman’s pole


The awkward bit of role play came after Morag was accused of bullying Luke by constantly putting him down and criticising his appearance.

Morag sat on a chair clutching a glass of wine as Luke walked out in a fireman’s outfit, taking her by surprise.

She exclaimed: “You look amazing!”

He bent over and slapped his backside, prompting her to laugh hysterically. She then set the mood by putting on Another Level’s sexy classic Freak Me.

She chanted “take it off” as Luke got to work teasing off his uniform. Embracing his inner Magic Mike, he gyrated and nibbled her neck.

Speaking to camera, beaming Morag said she was “so happy”.

She added: “Tonight I really fancy Luke, and I can’t wait for you lot to f**k off so me and Luke can have a really good night [laughs].”

And clearly she eventually got her wish!

Viewers weren’t so pleased to see it, with some calling it cringe while others posted vomit emojis.


Luke put on a strip show for Morag[/caption]


He nibbled Morag’s neck – and she loved it[/caption]

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