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Married At First Sight viewers brand show ‘brutal’ after boozy dinner party ends in screaming rows, tears and threats


MARRIED At First Sight fans cannot believe how ‘brutal’ the latest series is.

A preview for Monday’s episode saw tears, screaming, insults and even two of the stars storming out of the fiery dinner party.

Married At First Sight’s Alexis confronted Megan about her kissing Jordon

Just when viewers thought the episode couldn’t be any more jam packed with with drama after Alexis’ heated row with Megan, things really went off the rails at the latest dinner party.

Thursday’s episode started with a boys and girls day out which some viewers dubbed ‘sexist’, but saw each of the married reality stars get frank about their relationships.

But before they could share, Megan and Alexis had to have it out about Jordon.

Alexis calmly confronted Megan who claimed she had been given the ‘green light’ to snog Alexis’ hubby.

Things got very heated, very quickly before Alexis got upset and had to storm off.

Amy and Marilyse helped to calm her down, she returned to the table and the women reconciled.

Over at the lad’s rustic lunch, Franky and Dan admitted they loved Marilyse and Matt respectively.

While Matt told the girls he had fallen for Dan, but all their co-stars rightly told them that they had to tell their spouses they loved them.

Just as thing looked like they were going well, Amy was forced to defend Josh from the women who thought he was being too distant with her.

Then Morag dropped an absolute bombshell.

“Amy, I’m really sorry there’s something I’m going to have to bring up today,” she started.

She revealed revealed Josh followed her on Instagram last year and DM’d her multiple times.

“He’s probably messaged lots of girls and I was one of them,” she told Amy.

Morag already confessed this to her husband Luke, but quizzed Amy if Josh had told her about it.

Amy said he hadn’t as the others gasped audibly and asked “did he not think it would come up?”

Rather than see Josh’s actions as a red flag, Amy dug her heels in and viewed Morag’s confession as just another example of the others “interfering” in her marriage.

The drama didn’t end there as Bob told his best mate he really wanted things to work out with Megan, even though all the lads said she was the woman they’d least like to marry.

When he confronted her about it, she told him he was ‘making things bigger in his head’, even though she snogged Jordon behind his back.

Bob got emotional and said he made a commitment, so he planned to work hard to save his marriage.

As if that wasn’t enough drama for one night, the preview for Monday’s episode promises even more hectic scenes.

Luke tells Morag he love her, as she’s then seen crying and saying “I don’t want to break his heart.”

Amy and Josh sit down for a heart to heart about their troubled relationship, but it’s at the dinner party where things will get really electric.

Tensions will run high at the third dinner party as the repercussions of today’s Girls Day are felt.

Tempers will fray between the couples and some anonymous letters lead to tempers boiling over in every direction.

In one chaotic scene, Josh tells someone to ‘shut the f**k up’ so he can ‘finish speaking’ as the others look on in abject horror.

Amy and Alexis storm out of the dinner party, as many others end up in tears.

After tonight’s tense episode, MAFS viewers are labelling the preview as “brutal”.

And a second person added: “I can see the Producers of #mafsuk are doing their best to stir the pot, so the UK show can rival the Australian version. Keeps the audience transfixed.”

Megan said Alexis gave her the green light, and had apologised to her
Meanwhile Franky admitted he loved Marilyse but hadn’t told her
While Marilyse complained he had not opened up enough to her

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