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Married At First Sight UK 2021 LATEST: Franky says he’s ‘falling in love’ with Marilyse & Megan sparks feud with Alexis


Married At First Sight UK’s Franky Spencer has admitted that he’s falling in love with Marilyse Corrigan.

A new clip from the dating show reveals that Franky will confide in the other men about his new partner, and only has positive things to say.

Meanwhile, Megan has clashed with Alexis after revealing the nature of her affair with Jordon- and fans aren’t happy with Franky’s attitude on the show.

As fans rejoiced as Alexis and Ant returned to the show, Megan didn’t seem too chuffed as she opened up about how Jordon had spoken to her at length before their steamy kiss- but Alexis wasn’t impressed.

She was shocked and disgusted to hear the nature of their affair, admitting that Megan had “destroyed the friendship”.

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