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Married At First Sight live 2021: Jordon admits kissing Megan behind Alexis’ back after Nikita bust-up sending fans WILD


MARRIED At First Sight fans have been left horrified after Jordon revealed he kissed MEGAN behind wife Alexis’ back.

The Welshman admitted to snogging someone else’s wife after the explosive diner party on Wednesday night, that saw him clash across the table with Nikita in a foul-mouthed row.

Jordon, 27, has clashed with wife Alexis from the start – and the couple have been up and down since their dream honeymoon in the Maldives. Now, the reality star admitted their marriage is totally broken after he revealed he had locked lips with fellow contestant Megan.

Shockingly, Megan is still married to nice guy Bob, who has been desperately vying to win her over with his affections but to no avail. It all kicked off when Nikita confronted him over his comments to wife Alexis about preferring blondes.

She asked: “So is Alexis your type then? Jordon, is Alexis your type?”

Jordon calmly replied: “Alexis is not my normal type, no. But we are working on what we’ve got so far.”

She said: “You’ve scored there. I think you’re punching if I’m honest” but he refused to take the bait saying: “I think so too.”

Nikita then muttered: “I’m done with this. I can’t bear people like that. I absolutely hate him. I’ll get him, I’ll get him. He’s doing my f***ing head in.”

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