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Married At First Sight fans fear for Matt and Daniel as they miss dinner party – but there’s a twist!


MARRIED At First Sight fans were left fearing for Matt and Daniel’s relationship didn’t turn up for the reunion dinner party.

The couple, who were last seen not getting along on their honeymoon, appeared to have disappeared from the show without a trace.

The newlyweds realised that Matt and Daniel were missing
The couple were last seen clashing heads on their honeymoon

The group realised that the couple hadn’t come for the reunion dinner, which saw them all together for the first time since their weddings.

Matt, 39, and Daniel, 27, who are the first gay couple on the reality series, had their friends worried they speculated “they had walked”.

During the dinner, Morag turned to her husband Luke and said she felt they had left the show as Tayah added: “My gut is telling me they have walked.”

She continued: “I reckon they’ve gone. They’ve left. 100 per cent they have gone,” as Morag, 31, lamented: “They should be here. That’s really sad.”

Meanwhile other couples were left upset to think that the pair hadn’t turned up, with Adam saying: “I will be gutted if Matt doesn’t come back.”

Fans were equally confused, taking to social media to share their concerns for the couple – who spent their honeymoon on sunny beaches.

“Nooo! I’m emotionally connected to Matt and Daniel on Married at first sight,” one viewer wrote to Twitter.

Another agreed of the series’ first gay couple: “Ngl, am totally in love with Matt & Dan on #MAFSUK. I really really hope they make it.”

But fans had nothing to worry about – as the final moments of the show revealed where Matt and Daniel actually were in a shock twist.

“I’m not coming to the dinner party. Matts not coming either,” Daniel said over the phone after ringing Morag in the middle of the party.

As the group crowded round the phone looking concerned, he added: “Listen, we will tell you all when we see you know.”

“You just need to know we’ve been held up on our honeymoon, everything is good,” Matt told them as the group erupted into happy screams.

The couple are set to rejoin the group soon after struggling to get home to the UK from their dream honeymoon on Married At First Sight.


It comes after MAFS’s Nikita screamed that she “quit” after another foul-mouthed meltdown was caught on camera.

Nikita, who married Ant on the E4 reality show last week, lost her control in front of the group tonight and screamed the house down.

The fiery outburst comes as the newlyweds meet up at the first dinner party following their honeymoons and discuss their regional accents.

Nikita’s temper flared as she clashed heads with Jordon across the table, before telling her fellow contestants she was “quitting”.

Daniel and Matt fail to show up at the explosive reunion dinner party
The couple had fans worried as they didn’t turn up to the dinner

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