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Marks and Spencer lingerie ad sparks backlash – ‘Not necessary!’


The picture in question shows a brunette model lounging on a bed, showcasing Rosie Huntington-Whitely’s latest M&S lingerie collection. The model is wearing animal print lingerie with lace detail and the outfit is complete with grey bed socks and a beaded necklace.

However, some shoppers are not impressed with the ad and have suggested it is too racy.

One user wrote: “What is she doing? Not really necessary @marksandspencer!”

Another replied: “Agree! I don’t need this level of scene to want to buy the clothes. In fact, I buy M&S because they don’t normally advertise this way. Just show me the clothes and let me do with them what I want.”

A third simply commented: “Too suggestive…”

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No further details were given to specify which part of the photograph shoppers were uncomfortable with.

But some were quick to defend the retail giant and celebrated the ad. One said: “Nothing wrong with this picture some people need their eyes scrubbing.”

Another said: “What is wrong with the photo? Nothing. There are some narrow minded people about. It is no worse than a bikini.”

A third welcomed M&S’ change of advertising style: “Stunning underwear and picture. Glad to see @marksandspencer has embraced the feminine side of a woman in this picture and not the frumpy underwear they always advertise.”


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