Home Science March Full Moon 2021: What is the weather forecast for this evening?

March Full Moon 2021: What is the weather forecast for this evening?


This evening will see yet another Full Moon rise as the lunar satellite reaches peak luminosity. The Full Moon will reach its peak at 7.48pm today, although it will appear full all evening. The coming Full Moon is dubbed the Worm Moon.

What is the weather forecast for this evening?

While we are treated to at least one Full Moon a month, sometimes the weather in the UK can make it problematic seeing it.

However, that should not be an issue today for most of the country.

According to the Met Office, southeast England will have clear skies all evening, as will southwest of the country.

The midlands will also be treated to clear skies this evening.

Eastern Wales will have an unobstructed view of the Moon this evening, but the western coast will have patches of clouds.

The Met Office shows that the majority of northern England will have intermittent clouds, but will still get a chance to view the Full Moon when the clouds break.

Unfortunately for Scotland, heavy clouds are expected for the evening.

Northern Ireland will also be hit with dark grey clouds across the evening of March 28.

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“The further you are away from light pollution the better chance you’ll have of seeing the stars.

“Moons always rise in the east and set in the west – so follow this direction in your search.”

Light pollution will also play a part in how visible the Moon will be.

Parkdean said: “For those stargazing from the comfort of their homes, turning off the lights indoors can improve the visibility of the night sky, so long as you’re not afraid of the dark!

“Artificial light can make it harder to see stars in the sky so make sure wherever you are is as dark as possible.”


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