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Manchester United legend Paul Scholes tells the Glazers how to improve as owners


Manchester United legend Paul Scholes believes the Glazers must ‘put something back into the community’. The Americans have come under fire in recent times, with fans protesting against their ownership. But, while that’s the case, they appear to have no plans to sell up at the current moment in time.

Manchester United have been owned by the Glazers since 2005.

But while they were successful during the early years of the American’s rule, they’ve struggled since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement.

The Glazers have spent on big names such as Angel Di Maria, Harry Maguire and Paul Pogba during their time at Old Trafford.

Yet they take more out of the club than they pump in, hence why many fans want them gone.

Things reached fever pitch on Sunday, with angry supporters forcing United’s match against Liverpool to be called off.

And Scholes thinks they must show they’re ready to improve the club, starting with the local community.

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“They need to put something back into the community, it’s not really happened,” the former midfielder told BT Sport.

“The stadium is looking old, the stadium is looking tired.

“And to make things worse, you look across at Manchester City and I mentioned this last week, the East side of Manchester was a really rough part of Manchester.

“You go around now and it’s fantastic, they’ve got an amazing training ground, they’ve got the stadium, they’re building houses.

“They’ve regenerated the whole area. There’s such a difference in clubs.”

Scholes does think, though, that the Glazers’ relationship with fans is irreparable.


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“I think it’s gone past anything that the Glazers can do now because it’s that long,” he said.

“They were so disappointed, the club going into massive debt and the lack of communication is a big problem.”

United legend Rio Ferdinand also aimed shots at the Glazers, accusing them of breaking their promise to regularly talk with supporters.

“I pulled a quote up from Joel Glazer from MUTV when they bought the club in 2005,” he said.

“’Fans are the life-blood of the club, people want to know what’s happening – we will be communicating’.

“And then they didn’t speak to us until two weeks ago. I mean, it just shows you that quote, was just like ‘We’ll come in, get in under the carpet and then never ask’.

When quizzed on what that meant to him, Ferdinand then added: “It shows me 100 per cent, considering what they tried to do with the Super League a couple of weeks ago, it shows me they thought they were buying a franchise or something they could turn into a franchise.

“They don’t realise they bought a club steeped in history and a huge part of that is being part of the community.

“The community is the bedrock at that football club and all football clubs in this country. That’s what they don’t understand. It’s a different culture.

“That’s why you want to see a face, you don’t want a generic PR put-together quote that came out as an apology, that isn’t good enough.

“The people that are a part of this club and love football, they want to see a face now.

“Put your face out there, speak, take some questions. Immerse yourself into the club a little bit if you are really what you are saying you are.”

Solskjaer attempted to defend the Glazers by insisting they’re remorseful over their Super League plans.

“It was a difficult day for us. Of course we wanted to play and beat Liverpool for the fans. Our job has to be on getting good result,” he said.

“As I said before the game we have to listen, we have to hear the fans’ voice. It’s everyone’s right to protest but it has to be in a peaceful and civilised manner.

“Unfortunately when you break in and when a police officer gets scarred for life that’s one step too far and now when it gets out of hand it’s a police matter. It’s not about showing your opinions any more.

“We know we need to communicate better. If you refer back to the apology [for the Super League plans] they all accepted it was the wrong thing to do.”


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