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Man stunned after date refuses his offer of a lift then sends him a $10 taxi bill because her Uber was ‘too expensive’


A BLOKE was left baffled when his Bumble date refused to let him pick her up for their first date and then asked him to split her Uber as it was “too expensive”.

Dating always brings up that old debate of whether or not you should split the bill, and while some guys insist on buying dinner, we’re pretty sure that doesn’t include covering your taxi costs too.


A bloke was left baffled when a girl he’d taken for dinner on a first date then asked him to split the cost of her Uber – despite him offering to pick her up[/caption]

However, one girl decided to try her luck after her date paid for their meal out and messaged him to ask for money towards her Uber as it ended up costing her more than she thought.

The bloke shared the awkward exchange online via TikTok and ended up going viral, as his video racked up over 1.1million views.

The initial message he received from the girl read: “Hey thanks again for dinner last night. The Uber ended up being way more expensive than I thought, do you mind if we split it?”

Pointing out that he’d offered to pick her up, the guy replied: “But you said you didn’t want me to pick you up and you would meet me there haha.”

The girl then asked if he could pay her $10 (£7) via a money transferring app, texting back: “LMAOOO it’s ok, I can just venmo request $10?”

Those who came across the clip were just as outraged as the bloke, who claimed it was “probably the worst first date ever”.

His post prompted nearly 1k comments to come his way, with people left shocked over the “audacity” of the girl to ask for more money – especially after declining a lift.

One person commented: “Imagine not being ashamed to do this.”

Another said: “If you offered to pick her up then that’s on her.”


A third wrote: “She ain’t wrong for not feeling uncomfortable having someone she hasn’t met come get her. But she shoulda also been prepared to cover her own way.”

“Regardless of her not being comfortable, it’s still her choice to Uber, so it’s her responsibility to pay for it,” agreed one more.

Another girl shared: “I mean I wouldn’t let a stranger pick me up either, but I wouldn’t expect him to pay for my Uber. Unless he INSISTED on going somewhere weirdly far.”

Calling the girl out, one person claimed: “As if she couldn’t see the cost beforehand, the audacity.”

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