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Man divides opinion by revealing what your Christmas decorations REALLY say about you


A MAN has shared his thoughts on what he thinks about you based on your Christmas decorations – and it’s not all nice.

Eric D’Alessandro, shared his judgements in a Tiktok, with 6.4 million views which has divided fans on how they choose to decorate their home at Christmas.


He thought home made decorations showed love in the home[/caption]

The comedian said: “The Christmas stockings a family has will tell you everything you need to know about them.

“This will be more accurate than any horoscope you’ll ever read.” He promises.

‘First off, we have these,’ he said as he pointed to stocking with glitter writing on them, calling them: “The gold standard of Christmas stockings, your family made these at home or you had them made at some Christmas fair when you were four-years old.

“They’re not really the nicest to look at but you made them and your family cherishes sentimental value.

“Their tree is full of colourful ornaments they’ve collected over the years.

“This is a home full of love, everyones welcome.

“Then you’ve got stockings like these.” He said pointing at white and beige stockings.

“If you walk into someones house and see these, turn around and walk out immediately.” He warned fans.

“There’s no love in this home.

“This is a cold, uninviting performance of a home.

“Even Santa is like oh god is this the house with the cheetah stockings.

“This is the family that has two separate Christmas trees because their mum is a psychopath.

“Because nothing says love like throwing out the macaroni ornament your kid made at school because it ‘doesn’t fit with the theme of my tree’.

The comedian tells his 300, 000+ followers that this is the sort of family that gets six Playstation 5 consoles and Range Rovers for Christmas.

But also has one tree for the kids and a clean, monochrome tree for the mum, because “she’s a psychopath” about her theme.

Eric ends the TikTok saying: “All the kids want is a hug and for you to get off your phone.”

Finishing off his 1 minute video with an impression of a mum, Alessandro said: “Santa just called me he said we are gonna open up presents in the garage this year.”

Many fans in the comments admitted his observations were ‘so accurate’ whilst others felt ‘personally attacked.’

“Unpopular opinion I literally think the colorful random ornament trees look better anyways.” Said one.

“Thanks for making me feel better about my “colorful” decorations.” Added another.

The Home Edit, an account that is known for its glossy neutral white and beige home decor, commented: “I feel attacked.”

One managed to find the best of both worlds, saying: “NOOOO I have the white stockings, and color themes for our tree BUT we still make ornament every year and add them no matter what.”

Another parent wrote: “Yes!!! My mom always displayed our horrid homemade ornaments and still does 26 years later. It makes me so happy! I am doing the same with my kids!”


The comedian held nothing back[/caption]


He told followers to leave if they go to a house that is decorated like this[/caption]


Eric was not a fan of the designer Louis Vuitton stocking[/caption]

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