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Make scrambled eggs extra 'fluffy' with surprising ingredient – it's not cream

Eggs are a versatile ingredient and a cupboard (or fridge) staple for most households. That said, some cooked eggs are easier to master than others.

Scrambled eggs are one kind that takes the right recipe to get right. While some people opt for milk, butter or cream to enhance the richness, Gabriela, a TikTok chef – renowned for being “egg-obsessed”, has shared a better alternative.

She claimed that there’s a secret ingredient tucked away in your pantry that will transform the dish.

Better known as @‌gourmetgab on TikTok, where she boasts over 47.8k followers, Gabriela shared her innovative technique as part of her popular “12 days of eggs” series.

She explained: “These extra creamy scrambled eggs have an ingredient you might not be expecting. Cornstarch!”

Better known as cornflour by some, the baking ingredient acts as a potent thickening agent, typically used in sauces to improve their consistency.

In her video demonstration, the social media sensation also shares additional straightforward culinary tricks, alongside this standout ingredient.

Gabriela advises cutting up a small knob of cold butter into uniform cubes. Next, she amounts two flat teaspoonfuls of cornstarch in a tiny bowl – indicating that potato or tapioca starch could be viable alternatives, though cornstarch is ideal.

Following this, a light sprinkle of water is whisked with the starch to develop a diluted paste. The TikTok guru then combines the chilled, cubed butter into the mixture.

The culinary sensation, Gabriela, cracked four eggs into a bowl with other ingredients, seasoning with salt and pepper before whisking the concoction.

She then heated a non-stick frying pan over medium heat, adding a tablespoon of cold water, explaining: “Once the water is almost evaporated you know the skillet is the right temperature for cooking.”

To cook the eggs, the TikTok star poured the mixture into the pan and folded it gently with a spatula to create “fluffier curds” by stirring less frequently and with larger motions.

As the eggs puffed up in the pan and turned nicely golden, the chef promptly removed them from the heat to prevent overcooking.

After plating, Gabriela seasoned the eggs again with salt and pepper, noting: “Whoa! First of all, I think the reason these eggs are so creamy is because of all of that butter.”

She continued to describe the texture: “Besides the rich butteriness, these eggs are also so fluffy in your mouth, like little clouds that have a kind of a little bit of bounce.”


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