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Make eggs that are ‘nice and puffy’ and ‘super fluffy’ by adding free ingredient

For breakfast, you can delight in cloud-like eggs that melt in your mouth once you follow this tip.

Jessica Gavin, who is a certified culinary scientist/author, has shared the best way to achieve super fluffy and puffy eggs, and all you have to do is make sure you add in one ingredient that won’t cost you anything.

In a social media video uploaded to her 28K followers, Jessica detailed her method.

She said: “Let me tell you my secret for the most light and fluffy scrambled egg.”

She cracked an egg into a plate and went on to explain her method.

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“Heat the butter over medium-high, once it starts to bubble and foam, you’re ready to add the eggs.”

You should immediately stir your eggs in a figure-eight motion, which is going to create those wonderful curds.

Now turn the heat to low and cook until there is no more liquid running in the pan.

“The eggs are nice and puffy and super fluffy,” Jessica finished off.


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